Roll-On Fragrance Oils

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These gorgeous roll-on fragrance oils are hand-blended in small batches made from all natural, vegan ingredients & essential oils. Made in the U.S.A. The perfect way to apply your favorite fragrance on the go.

FADED JEANS: Fragrance notes of Black Fig, White Wood, Toasted Coconut, Green Peppercorn, Eucalyptus & Citrus

MOON GLOW: Fragrance notes of Pink Salt, Ginger, Sandalwood & Patchouli 

GYPSY SUMMER: Fragrance notes of White Coconut, Sweet Pineapple, Sea Salt & Citrus

CUBAN TOBACCO: Fragrance notes of Vanilla, Saffron & Sandalwood


INDIGO DREAM: Fragrance notes of Sea Salt, Juniper Blossom & Sweet Lemon

PLANT BOY: Fragrance notes of Sweet Grass, Tobacco & Cedarwood

10 mL glass bottle

100% jojoba Oil base/vegan