Incense Sticks

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Made with essential oils. Perfect for enhancing creativity and promoting relaxation.

Each package contains 20 incense sticks, approximate 1 hour burn time

Keep away from flammable objects and use on a hard-protected surface. Keep away from children and pets.

DAY DREAMER (blue): For tranquility. Fragrance notes of Peony, Linen, Sandalwood, Lavender & Citrus.

GOOD VIBES (rust): For purifying. Fragrance notes of Palo Santo, White Sage & Citrus.

MODERN MUSE (lavender): For creativity. Fragrance notes of Ginger, White Tea, Amber, Patchouli & Citrus.

GOLDEN HOUR (gold): For energy. Fragrance notes of Mimosa, Black Fig, Blood Orange, & Sandalwood.

WILDFLOWER (coral): For happiness. Fragrance notes of Wild Flowers, Golden Honey & Pineapple.