Citron Stripe Market Bag

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The Citron Stripe Market Bag by EnShallah is repurposing with style! Made from a recycled grain bag that is reimagined with color and hand embroidery by local women in villages outside of Marrakech, Morocco. 

The grain bag is turned inside-out so the original design is on the inside, as a reminder of its original purpose. It is then hand embroidered using various materials and colors in bold graphic patterns. Each bag takes around three days to complete.

The natural strength of the original grain bag makes these totes perfect for carrying all of your in-flight must-haves or creature comforts to the market or beach.

EnShallah believes in "Do not waste, create" and we couldn't agree more.

Dimensions: 17"H 11.25"W 5"D  11.5" handle drop