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The Islander Vase is made from recycled blown glass and the lower half of vase is wrapped in a woven bamboo. It's the perfect size for a statement branch or large floral arrangement. Measures 10"H 9"D at base.
The Islander Vase made from recycled glass and hand woven bamboo makes a statement with branches or large floral arrangements. Shown with natural palm leaves and our Seagrass Glassware, sold separately.

Islander Vase

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Our large glass and bamboo Islander Vase makes a statement on any table. We love the modern tropical look of it. Perfect for larger arrangements or branches. The bubbles in the glass are a signature of artisan blown glass and should be considered part of its beauty. Each piece will vary slightly.

Measures: 10"H 9"D

Care: Hand wash and wipe dry. Do not submerge bamboo in water.