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Travel mug with silicone lid. Made from natural stoneware with white speckled glaze. Holds 14 oz.
14 oz stoneware travel mug in natural clay with white speckled glaze. Comes with silicone lid.
Natural stoneware travel mug with white speckled glaze. Comes with silicone lid, holds 14 oz.

Shoreline Travel Mug

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Our Shoreline Travel Mug comes from a pottery studio in CT that produces limited edition, small batch pottery inspired by the modern farmhouse. We think this is the perfect way to say NO to disposable cups and, enjoy your coffee, tea or matcha on the go. Made from durable stoneware and dipped in a white speckled glaze.Comes with a food grade silicone lid, fit to prevent leaks.

Holds approximately 16 oz.

Measures: 5"H 3 3/8"D

Dishwasher safe but, we recommend hand washing for longevity.